This is an area we feel really benefits the young people because it teaches them about care, compassion and responsibility. We also see them develop in confidence and empathy, both with the animals and with other young people, staff and volunteers.

The young people are involved with all aspects of our horses' daily care, including assisting in leading them in, grooming, feeding, watering, bathing and mucking out.

The flock of friendly hens and our free range ducks are checked, fed and watered every day and we collect their eggs twice a day.

We also have a flock of sheep - a mix of Poll Dorset, Suffolk, Herdwick and Hebridean - and 5 Oxford Sandy and Black pigs which need checking and feeding every day.

We are fortunate that we are able to be involved with the dairy herd at Beltonville Farm. The Ayrshire cows graze the fields around the Trust. The young people are occasionally lucky enough to see a calf being born and are able to work with the calves shortly after, selecting some to halter train and prepare for showing.

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