Our Pigs have a new Pig Ark thanks to Halifax Volunteers!

On the 22nd of June, 8 hardworking volunteers from Halifax Bank came to Lane End Farm and refinished the wheelchair ramp in the Garden and built a new Pig Ark for our piglets to enjoy the rest of their lives grazing in a large meadow. 

After building the Ark, the Halifax Volunteers (with the help of our loyal sheepdogs) helped us lead the hungry hogs down the road to their new home. The new Pig Ark was dubbed "Halifax House" an all the volunteers signed the entrance. 

The piglets showed their gratitude by immediately burrowing and arranging the grass in their new home!

As far as the garden goes, the newly refurbished wheelchair ramp was tested by a group of students from Sheffield Futures two days later. One student in a wheelchair, was able to touch and taste all the new produce ready for harvest. 

Well done all and a special thanks to Karla for arranging it all!