This is an area we feel really benefits the young people because it teaches them about care, compassion and responsibility. We also see them develop in confidence and empathy, both with the animals and with other young people, staff and volunteers.

The young people are involved with all aspects of our pony' daily care, including assisting in leading them in, grooming, feeding, watering, bathing and mucking out.

The flock of friendly hens and our free range ducks and geese are checked, fed and watered every day and we collect their eggs twice a day. Our Poultry breeding allows the young people to see all the stages of life from Egg to fully grown hen. We specialise in Pekin Bantams but also have other various breeds, these are for sale all year round.

We also have a flock of sheep - a mix of Dutch Zwartbles sheep - as well as a Gloucester Old Spot and a Mangalitsa pig which need checking and feeding and fussing daily.

Not all our animals are large. We also have our small animal area which currently houses our guinea pigs and rabbits. Many of the young people enjoy the peace and quiet of sitting on a hay bale, stroking one of these friendly little beasts and having some 'time out'.

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