Down to Earth is our therapeutic horticultural project which involves working within a sustainable community food cycle.

We cover the entire organic principle growing process from planning what to grow to sowing seeds, planting out, weeding, watering and harvesting produce & seeds.

Our flock of over 100 free-range Warren hens, along with our small team of Campbell ducks, provide us with free-range eggs. Our are small heard of Zwartbles sheep are hand reared to maintain friendliness for our students to handle while our therapy pigs are wonderful to cuddle. We are able to produce enough to sell and generate an income for the Trust.

We sell our eggs, vegetables, occasional meat, salad, herbs and edible flowers to establishments within the young peoples' local communities of Derbyshire and Sheffield. We currently supply Made by Jonty, who buy our eggs for home made cakes and breakfast specialities. We have also recently started supplying our veg boxes to Sauced Here, an online provider of locally sourced goods based in Ashford on the Water, while online shop Peak District Deli, who only stock products made in the Peak District, are using our produce and meat both for their online customers and in their pop up dining experiences.

We work with our customers all year round, providing produce throughout the changing seasons to suit their changing requirements. The community food cycle benefits our students through real work place experience and skill development.

Down to Earth is growing and adapting to become more of a holistic therapy garden, with planting of flowers and herbs to stimulate the sensors. We enjoy harvesting the vegetables for Field To Fork, Essential Cooking Scheme. We teach basic cookery skills from planning a recipe, gathering ingredients, cooking safely to produce home made hearty, healthy foods cooked and eaten all together providing essential life skills.