This is our therapeutic horticultural project involving working within a sustainable community food cycle. We cover the entire growing process from planning what produce to grow to sowing seeds, planting out, weeding, watering and harvesting produce & seeds. Our flock of over 100 free-range Warren hens provide us with eggs and our mixed flock of Bluefaced Leicester, Poll Dorset and Mule sheep means we can produce lamb and mutton.

With the help and support of a grant from The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, we are able to grow enough to sell and generate an income for the Trust. We discuss where we are selling produce to in the young peoples' local communities. These young people come from both Derbyshire and Sheffield, so we sell our produce in a variety of places. We currently supply Made by Jonty, Seven Hills Bakery, Sentinel Brewing Company, Zeds Wholefoods and Pom Kitchen in Sheffield. In Derbyshire, we are providing the Hathersage Social Club, Grasshopper Cafe in Hope and Beltonville Farm Shop with the same. We intend to work with all our customers to provide produce all year round, which suits their changing needs.

This community food cycle that we have created benefits our students through real work place experience and skill development.

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